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Crazy Custom Paint provides unique custom paint and high-end airbrushing services, specialising in motorbikes and helmets, in Northern Ireland, UK.
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Motorcycle Helmet Care

Motorcycle Helmet Care 101

It’s the most essential piece of safety kit you’ll ever own as a rider, so ensuring you maintain your ‘brain bucket’ is a top priority to keep your lid in great condition and keep you safe.

These are our top tips for keeping your helmet in good shape and protecting you properly for longer.

Bag it up

Most damage to helmets usually occur in transit, not when they’re being worn, as you take it on and off several times a day. Carrying it by the chin strap or even better keeping it tucked up in a helmet carrying bag, will ensure it is safely stored. You might be tempted to briefly leave it on your mirror or seat for just a few minutes, but avoid this as accidents happens and it can easily fall or be knocked off, costing you time and money in either getting it repaired or replaced.

The 6 month rule

We recommend regular cleaning and maintenance, never leaving it no longer than six months between a full inside and outside clean. Using the right products is essential, shy away from household cleaners and instead use those specifically designed for helmet cleaning where possible, such as Motul. These won’t come cheap, but they won’t structurally weaken your helmet or be overly abrasive on the paintwork causing damage. This makes it cheaper in the long run to maintain your current helmet rather than have to buy a new one due to damage from cleaning.

Gloves separate

Your gloves are likely to have traces of petrol on them, so it’s important not to just stash them in with your helmet, as this could potentially ruin your helmet’s interior. Their Velcro fastenings can also stick to the lining and cause damage, the sweat from your hands can not only eat into the lining of your gloves, but also into the lining of your helmet. This is often the number one factor in reducing the lifespan of your helmet.

Store it dry

If you’ve been out in the rain, don’t just come home and put your helmet away wet, always dry it out thoroughly first, to prevents mould. Dry it naturally, don’t be tempted to get out the hairdryer to speed the process up or put it on a radiator, this can cause the glue in the construction of the helmet to weaken.

Manufacturer inspection

A number of leading manufacturers encourage you to send your helmet back to them for inspection, this involves an x-ray to make sure it passes all the necessary regulations. This can be particularly helpful if you’ve dropped it or it’s been knocked, if you’re helmet is still usable you’ll have saved yourself money and have peace of mind, if not, then it’s time to invest in a new one. Your dealer may also have included a warranty or guarantee with you purchase, so it’s worth checking through your documentation to see what you’re entitled to.

Never skimp on your lid, it’s the most important piece of gear you’ll ever own, and your life depends on it. Changing it every 5 years and maintaining and cleaning it regularly for it’s lifespan will keep you safe.

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