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Crazy Custom Paint provides unique custom paint and high-end airbrushing services, specialising in motorbikes and helmets, in Northern Ireland, UK.
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Custom Helmet & Motorbike Painting

Happy new year and what a first year in business its been. Crazy Custom Paint has grown rapidly and its a struggle to keep up with the demand. Throughout this blog post I will go through the changes that are planned for Custom Painting 2017.

Specialist Paints

What makes a good product for custom painting ? This is a question that only the painter who is applying it can answer. House of Kolor make a great product but its no longer a small independent company run by Jon Kosmoski. HOK are owned by Valspar they in turn are amalgamated with Sherman Williams. The emphasis seems to placed on advertising and sponsorship of  painters rather than product development.


Custom painting is self taught, but it helps having a back ground in the refinish industry. Technical backup for the UK is non existent when using HOK. If you require assistance be prepared for a call to the states. As for getting a sample before you commit to buying a product is also a non starter.

As a custom painter you require the manufactures support. Specialist paints commitment to help is exemplary. They are the real moms and pops out fit for custom painting. Technical problems are promptly dealt with by phone call. Ccp has trialed both solvent and water based line over the last 6 months. They are comparable to HOK and in some cases exceed them.

All Produced In House

CCP Chromed AraiThis seems to be a business where the truth is rather stretched. Just look at some of the claims on other painters websites. CCP are the only custom paint company in Ireland that design, paint and chrome their own products. Everything is kept in house, I think quality suffers when third parties are introduced.

Recently chrome has become a major part of custom painting. CCP are getting great results using the system suggested by Specialist Paints. The initial refection is superb, but as with most chrome systems it dulls slightly when clear coated. To help solve this problem I will be testing 1k and inter-coat clears to use as a barrier, both solvent and water based.

Helmet Design


CCP Helmet DesignA part of the job I love. Over the past year Illustrator has become a major part of my business. Seeing what the customer has envisioned, taking their design brief and bring it to life gives me a real buzz. The design one the left was produced for a client from Scotland to match his R1 race bike.

Prices for 2d designs start from £40 for a 2d side view. In 2017 painting CCP will be offering painting packages that will include this service for free !


Clear-coat and Primer

What haven’t I tried in 2016 ? Here’s the list Novol, Debeer, House of Kolor, Glasurit HB Body, Lechler and PPG. Always searching for the best and not taking a company’s word for it. PPG is my choice for primer and clear-coat when custom painting. For 2017 onwards CCP will be using thier ms clear and primer range. If its good enough for Charlie Hutton’s color studio its good enough for Crazy Custom Paint !


2017 Projects

At this present time CCP are fully booked up until March 2017. Its going to be a hectic start to the year with both helmets and bike’s to do. There are three bikes to be painted for a show in February and a custom chopper that is going to shows as far away as Germany before April. So now i’m going to go and paint some shit !

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